A New View of Worship

Written in February 2009…

WORSHIP (verb):

1. To adore: to regard with deep or rapturous love

2. To love unquestioningly and uncritically

3. Giving reverent attention to

If someone asks me what my favorite thing about being a mom is, without hesitation I would say that it is the way my son looks at me. Those big blue eyes get fixed on mine and speak more love than volumes of books could hold. He looks at me like I’m beautiful, like I’m his favorite person on the planet, like he loves me even though he can’t put into words why. I’m his everything and this seems to be the way he lets me know it. When he reaches his tiny hand up to my face and gives me a sweet little grin, I absolutely melt. He utterly adores me and it just feels good.

This simple daily occurrence has enhanced the way I view worship. As good as it makes me feel to be reminded that my son loves me, how much better must my worship make God feel! I’ve been more challenged to spend time adoring my Father and giving Him the reverent attention that He deserves. I need to show Him that His love has captured me, even if I don’t have the words to say it. I want just a touch of His face and to spend time fixing my eyes upon it. I want nothing more than to show my Father that I am absolutely in love with Him!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it is my prayer that as we focus on our love for our husbands and our children, we don’t forsake our first love (Revelation 2:4). After all, we are only able to love others properly because He first loved us (1 John 4:19). When’s the last time you spent time genuinely loving on God – not asking for anything, but simply gazing upon Him and showering Him with the honor that He deserves? What better gift can we give our children than to be an example of someone who is captivated by God and loves Him extravagantly? Go all out in your love for Him! He is worthy of it!


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