The Bible and the Pain of Infertility

Written April 2, 2011…

I read this article off of a friend’s blog this morning and found it so helpful.  I would encourage anyone to read it who is walking alongside a friend that has experienced loss or infertility or who is in the midst of trudging through those things themselves.

Because I HAVE been given one easy pregnancy that resulted in our beautiful little boy, I can NEVER claim to understand the pain and struggle of those trudging through infertility.  To do so would only insult and minimize the struggle I’ve watched dear friends walk through.  This article was extremely helpful in giving me more of a glimpse into the struggle as well as ideas of how to love others better.

At the same time, after experiencing the process of trying 8 months for a second pregnancy, grieving the 2nd trimester loss of that child, and now back in that difficult process of waiting again and wondering if something’s wrong, I could relate to many things in this article myself.

I’m sure that there have been times that I’ve said or done insensitive things to those in the midst of trials, but it is the cry of my heart to respond to these situations as Jesus would.  My prayer in recommending this article is that you would do the same.


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