A Family Choosing What is Good

Selling or giving away many of your belongings.

Packing up what’s left.

Walking away from successful businesses and jobs you enjoy.

Asking your children to leave their friends, church, and only home they’ve ever known at critical times in their development.

Leaving your oldest son, not knowing the next time you’ll see him face to face.

Choosing to look beyond doubt, fear, and people’s questioning of your sanity.

Trading in the safety and comfortability of your middle-class American small town for an unconventional life among the poor in another country.

Good idea?  Good decision?  Good plan?

This past Sunday, our church’s morning service was dedicated to sending out a precious family of 12 (yes, you read that correctly) for a new life of ministry to the people of the Philippines.  There were many emotions felt and expressed that day, but the one I felt most was that of pride.  I am so incredibly proud of this family for their desire to let their lives be defined by the goodness of their God rather than what our culture views as “good” for their family.  God placed a call on their hearts and they’ve said, “Lord, send us!”  So cool and a great example for Adam and I as we continue to seek our Father’s best for our own lives.  This, I know, is good.

Though we’re so excited for them, we also grieve saying “see you later” to kids that, for the past 3 1/2 years, have sat in our living room, eaten our food, made us laugh, loved on our son, and allowed us the privilege of watching them wrestle through their personal relationships with the Lord.  I know there are still traces of doubt and fear and resistance in their minds, but oh, the joy that awaits them if they’ll fully surrender to God’s plan for them.  This, I know, is good.

A lump formed in my throat as I watched my 3 year old run to hug his 4 year old buddy who he’ll soon have to learn to say “see you later” to.  At the same time, my heart was thrilled with the thought of getting to pray together for his friend, Skype with him, learn about where he lives and what he’s doing, and expose my son to life and ministry in another part of the world.  This, I know, is good.

To follow even when it hurts.

To follow even when it doesn’t make sense.

To follow even when it means letting go.

To follow even when you’re scared and stressed and set back.

To follow even if you don’t know where you’re going.

To follow because you know and trust that because HE is good, where He’s leading is good…

Check out this song that was part of the service: http://www.myspace.com/kirstenmelrose/music/songs/i-will-go-69290970

A daughter and son leading

A Dad and Mom worshipping

A Pastor releasing

Elders commissioning

A church praying

A youth pastor interceding

A mother and father entrusting their daughter and her family to the Lord's leading.


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